“Embossing is used to highlight an image or text area, adding a visible raised texture and tactile features.”

Embossing encourages the eye to follow the contours of the design and also provides a tactile three-dimensional element to a flat surface. Debossing is the process in reverse whereby the print is ‘sunk’ into the substrate surface. The term ‘blind embossing’ is used when embossing unprinted substrates with texts or logos.
Embossing is also the most eco-friendly of all the embellishments. Only pressure is applied to the label surface to create the raised features, nothing else.

Can be used in conjunction with Printing, foiling, lamination

Embossing at Lotus Labels:

We have invested in the latest level of precision technology for the production of embossed labels and cartons. This enables us to process the finest materials even in small batches and produce stunning results for our customers.


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