Decorative foiling

“Foiling is the application of a metallic film to the surface of a base material by a hot or cold mechanical process to highlight and enhance a specific area to enhance the attractiveness of the label or carton”

Metallic foiling is an example of a popular embellishment for high-value items, due to the sophistication it lends to a product.

Foils are available in a multitude of colours, shades and patterns, ranging from the traditional gold foil through to fluorescent or pastel colours and holographic effects, to enhance branding impact.

Can be used in conjunction with:  Embossing, tactile varnishing, varnish, lamination

Foiling at Lotus Labels:

We have invested in the latest generation of precion machinery to produce foiled labels and cartons to the highest possible standard. We rate foiling as the most eco-friendly method of printing without compromising on visual effectiveness.

Foiled Label

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