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Sustainable & Eco-friendly materials

We are seeing great demand for packaging materials that are friendly to the environment. The issue is receiving great attention by the material supplier community and as a result many of our clients have now successfully transitioned towards more eco-friendly products.  

Eco-materials fall into at least one of the following categories:

  • Made from a renewable material (in whole or in part)
  • Made from a recycled material either in part or at 100%
  • Recyclable
  • Compostable
  • Biodegradable

Due to the various characteristics and applications of materials, sustainability remains a complex subject . New materials are regularily added and we routinely test them for printability.  

We have built comprehensive knowledge of  the compatibility of labels and containers and the implications on product recycling. We want to share this know-how with our clients and jointly develop optimum solutions. 


ECO Tree

Here is a brief introduction to some of the mainstream materials trends in the print industry:

Made from a renewable material

If the wood for the paper pulp is sourced from a forest where the trees are felled and then new trees are planted then this would be classed as originating from a sustainable source. Many substrates carry origination certification from a forestry commission.

100% Cotton White Paper

With a permanent high-tack adhesive
Made from 100% cotton, uncoated matt paper with a Unique ‘Velvet finish’ appearance. Made from renewable sources, ideal to be used as wine labels or on high quality spirit bottles.

rCrush Citrus Paper

With a permanent adhesive
Made with 15% by-product from juice production. The remaining paper contains 40% of post-consumer recycled fibre and 45% virgin wood pulp. Ideal for labelling premium goods, wine, spirits, specialist foods, whiskey and craft beer.

Grass Paper

With a permanent adhesive
Made from 30% Grass fibres and 70% wood pulp from sustainable sources. The colour of the label may vary between batches. A very unique sustainable label stock. Ideal for rustic looking labels,


Paper from managed forests

Coated papers with a permanent adhesive
Papers are available from sources that manage their supply chain by planting trees to replace those felled for paper production. A coated paper multi-use general labelling material for food, logistics, shipping, packaging and thermal transfer printing.

rCrush Barley Paper

With a permanent adhesive
Made from 15% barley residue. This paper has a natural matt texture and an off-white colour. The remaining paper contains 40% of post-consumer recycled fibre and 45% virgin wood pulp.

Made from a recycled material

Many substrates are now manufactured from a 100% recycled source, typically paper or certain synthetics. Repeated recycling of a substance will require adding of new material which will aid to maintain product characteristics such as durability. Recycled materials are are not always as white or transparent as 100% virgin material, however still perfectly suited for product labelling. 

For obvious reasons, we are encouraging our clients to adopt the use of recycled materials. In many cases there is virtually no optical or physical difference in quality when compared with virgin materials.  Can we help you to take your first steps towards sustainability? Please ring us today for an eco-chat.

100% Recycled paper with Freeze Adhesive

100% recycled semi-gloss paper

With permanent freeze adhesive
Made from 100% post-consumer recycled fibre. Designed for use in low temperatures giving the paper a second use. The material is also suitable for in-house thermal Transfer printing and ideal for use in Food production environments.

White Gloss

Recycled white-gloss PE film

With permanent adhesive
Made from a high percentage of recycled polyethylene with Industrial recycling parts ideal for cosmetics, food, chemistry etc. If used on PET containers, the whole item can then be recycled again in suitable household recycling streams

100% Recycled Label

100% Recycled Coated Paper

For Laser & Inkjet label printers White label paper made from 100 % recycled post consumer fibre with high whiteness for laser and inkjet printers. With permanent adhesive.


As a rule of thumb, mono-materials are recyclable if they are applied to a container made of the same  or similar material or if they can be separated from a their non-recycable container and enter a suitable recycling stream.  Most label materials are mono materials and therefore are recyclable. It is their combination with other non-compatible materials, that pose challenges to recycling operations.  We can consult on how to optimise the recycability of your packaging.

ECO Detergent Labels

White Top Coated rPP film

With WASH-OFF Adhesive
White, glossy recyclable polypropylene film with top coat. Permanent adhesive which is removable with water. Recyclable within suitable household recycling streams.

Mineral Paper

With permanent adhesive
Paper made with a mixture of calcium carbonate and polyethylene. Renewable and recyclable within suitable household recycling streams. A multi-use label ideal for glass jars & HDPE containers.

Vellum paper (Wash-off)

With a WASH-OFF permanent adhesive
A white woodfree printing paper. Paper originates from a sustainable source. The adhesive desolves in water.

Compostable & biodegradable

Compostable materials break down entirely, releasing nutrients back into the earth. Whilst some of these materials can be added to home compost heaps, many of them are better suited, or even exclusively require the regulated conditions provided in an industrial composting plant.

As is evident from the word, biodegradable materials will  “degrade”. However, biodegradable materials do not always fully decompose and do not release nutrients back into the earth. Over longer periods of time, these materials can be  broken down by microbes into biomass, water, and carbon dioxide. After a longer period of time, traces of the orignal material components might still be detectable, although the material can be considered fully degraded. 

Here is a selection of the most promising substrates we have worked with:

Compostable Biodegradable

Cane Fibre

With a permanent compostable adhesive
This is an uncoated matte printing paper. Made from 95% sugar cane by-products (bagasse) and 5% hemp and linen.

Compostable Biodegradable

White Thermal Paper Compostible

With a permanent compostable adhesive
White thermal matt paper without protective surface coating (economy quality). Made from sustainably sourced pulp. Ideal for in-house food packaging labelling and barcode labels. Economy thermal papers are not water or oil resistant.

Compostable Biodegradable

Semi-gloss paper

With a permanent compostable adhesive
Developed specifically to be kinder to the environment, this self-adhesive multi-use substrate is ideal for many applications

Compostable Biodegradable

Transfer Vellum Paper Compostible

With a permanent compostable adhesive
This is an uncoated matte printing paper. Made from sustainably sourced pulp. Versatile multi-use label which can be used for a variety of applications, but is specifically suited for applications where the complete packaging has to be be biodegradable.

Compostable Biodegradable


With a permanent compostable adhesive
This is a cellulose self-adhesive film created to provide a compostable solution for the packaging and labelling market. Available in clear and white.

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee the biodegradable or compostable facets of these materials nor their certification if claimed. The information and definition presented is received in good faith from our suppliers. We do not offer a warranty for these characteristics or claims. E&OE. If you would like further information regarding a particular material we would be happy to assist.