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At Lotus Labels, we offer expert solutions for all your labelling requirements. Whilst having served the broader traditional consumer label market for decades, we have gradually stepped up technologically and have become an established supplier to the luxury packaging market, producing high-end labels and embellished cartons. 

Combined with the specialisation of our sister companies in Germany in industrial and security labelling products, we focus on offering a strong and diverse product portfolio and excellent support to our UK client base.

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We invite you to work with us and provide you with:

Dedicated Account Management: A dedicated account manager will work with you from initial enquiry through to delivery. We are a people-to-people business and aspire to out-perform typical web-to-print solutions.

Qualification: In-depth analysis of your needs is paramount for us. We listen when you explain your requirements to us

Best-value proposition: Let us work with you within the parameters you set for us. We will endeavour to always develop the best solution for you.

Expertise: Creating high-end, yet functional products is our business. Don’t miss out on using the latest available materials and processes – you might be surprised and inspired when you learn what is available

R&D: We are always prepared to prototype new product ideas for you

Sustainability: We give meaningful and practical advice on the latest sustainability/eco opportunities and solutions

We would love to help you with your project.

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We are here to help you with your label and carton printing. If you are looking for professionally printed quality products, look no further.

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Sister Companies

In February 2014 we became a member of the international Dynamic Systems Group of Companies. This has further expanded our product portfolio and know-how of special industrial label applications, security print and related technologies.

Company Information

VAT Registration Number: GB 190 5823 54
Company Number: 2145720