Eco-friendly options for product labels

Environment & Sustainability


There is really good news for all who want to incorporate eco aspects into their product marketing. Our material suppliers have been hard at work in their laboratories and some impressive sustainable products are appearing on the scene.

We were particularly impressed with compostable papers and films – now also including eco certified adhesives for the first time. In combination with packaging containers made from similar raw materials, this can provide convincing solutions. It gives choice and assurance to eco-savvy consumers who care about plastic content reduction.

Promising new technologies such as clean flake processes are emerging whilst recycling methods are becoming more versatile – this now allows the separation of filmic label and PET container materials. All these developments are pointing in the right direction.

If you are interested in further details on eco packaging, we have included publications from various sources for further reading. This is an important and challenging subject and we are keen to assist you with the selection of the most suitable material for your application.