There is nothing quite as important to the running of many businesses as the humble plain adhesive label.

Manufactured by their millions every day, the basic plain-ole sticky label is used globally and for many uses.
From an early age, you would have experienced the simplicity and brilliance of the plain label having been made to wear one with your name emblazoned upon it in junior school. The same would have been for your school lunch box, and your possessions. The plain adhesive label is the friend of parents, teachers, and heavy industry alike.

The growth of label use.

The use of adhesive labels has generally continued to grow, with label stock sales across Europe increasing by 4.3% in 2020, up from 1.5% (increase YoY) in 2019. This increase was due to the rise in label usage throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.
It is thought that this increase in label sales, was driven by the rise in home deliveries during the lockdown. Delivery drivers were part of the busiest industry, with all their deliveries majestically displaying a (now printed) plain label with the end customer’s details excellently printed upon it. I have mentioned the humble nature of the plain label which is an understatement. The Plain Label can remain plain, however, there are a million varieties and uses of the sticky label.

The humble plain label on a roll

We produce plain (and printed) adhesive labels in a vast range of shapes and sizes. Labels with round corners, labels with square corners, labels on rolls, and labels on sheets (mostly, A4 in size) but many of these plain labels have another purpose, they are to become a badge of honour, a sign, a notice of importance.
The basic plain label with the help of a simple desktop printer will become the missing piece in so many scenarios. Printed labels are used by manufacturers to finish off and display how brilliant their newly manufactured products are, and rightfully so. These manufacturers will print the benefits and important details of their item onto the label then in turn, the printed label will be applied to their product. Again, I said how humble the label is but its importance is immeasurable.

Whether you are teaching children in a junior school and giving them name tags, hosting training events and making name badges for the attendees, labelling the sandwiches you have made in your bakery, branding the new items rolling off your production line with a newly printed label, don’t ever underestimate the importance of the plain label.
We are all proud of our own creations, that is human nature we all want to show them off in the best light, so if you are presenting something to the world, a new product, a tasty sandwich, a box of screws, make sure you brand it correctly and finish it off with a label.

Do you have something you would like to label? Whether that is in-house with your equipment or would like to use a pre-printed label, speak to our knowledgeable team at Lotus Labels.

Whatever your label, make sure it’s a Lotus Label.