Product labels will help you sell. There’s no ifs or buts about it. They are extremely powerful, but only when they look good. And this applies to both physical and digital labels. So, how do you make your product labels beautiful so they stand out? Here are four tips to make sure your digital or printed labels sell.

Make Sure They’re the Right Size!

This sounds like a very basic and obvious requirement, but many business owners overlook it. Sizing is especially important for printed labels. There’s nothing worse than having a label that covers over the whole of your product or having one that is so small that you can’t see the details.

Pull out the ruler and start measuring up the sizing. You want to cover a good amount of your product, without disguising everything that is within it. If you have clear printed labels, you’ll want to make sure the wording is clearly visible against the product colour.

Keep Labels Simple

Whether printed or digital labels, they need to be as simple as possible. You want to state what the product is and who made it, without too much extra information. Okay, there will be some legal requirements with some, but your product labels need to be basic.

Too much information detracts the buyer. They won’t know where to look if you have buzzwords and marketing terms all over the place. Simple will tell your buyers what your product is and where to come for more of the same.

Work With Your Branding

Colour choices and fonts should all work with your current branding. If you’re rebranding, this is a great time to think of your new colour and font schemes.

When people look at the labels, they should instantly know who you are. Think of the likes of Johnson & Johnson, Nike, and other big names. Just one glance and people know who they are. Everything from their websites and marketing materials to clothing logos and product labels are uniform to help with brand awareness.

Think About Your Consumer

Colours speak volumes to your consumer, so the colours you use need to speak volumes to your buyers. Using pinks and oranges on products for men isn’t going to help you sell. The men won’t be attracted to the products as much as women will. Likewise, blacks and dark blues tend to be more masculine in colours.

This could mean a whole rebrand for your company. The rebranding will be worth it in the long term, but annoying right now. Just think about who your consumer is and the types of colours that work for them. If in doubt, ask your consumer base directly to find out.

It’s time to make your product labels stand out. With the above four tips, you can improve your brand awareness, connect with your buyers, and sell more products. These tips work for both printed labels and digital labels. There is no excuse not to get a sale anymore.