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Could Professionally Printed Labels Increase Your Product Sales?

For the past twenty years, the big idea of the moment has been to invest less in traditional printed media and advertising, while throwing as much money as possible at online marketing and the opening up of ever more product sales channels. Moreover, for some people that strategy still works. The only problem is that new businesses especially seem to be starting to forget just how important professionally printed product packaging and labels are to their overall sales success.

Printed Labels & Creating a Killer First Impression

Whether we like it or not, the world of marketing and advertising is all about image. Products sell because they are expertly packaged and labelled. Hence why while homemade food stuffs almost always taste better, 90% of high street shoppers will forgo the traditional farmers market in favour of the baked goods aisle in their local supermarket.

Why Professionally Printed Labels Matter more than Ever

However, in 2016 the burgeoning DIY and Internet marketing hype of the 21st century is actually starting to have an adverse effect on many physical product and consumable goods sales.

This is because many product manufacturers attempt to save by not investing anything at all in professional packaging or printed labels for their products. If something is being sold online, after all, sellers and distributors don’t need items to catch consumers’ eyes like they would have to in the real world.

The only problem? This way of thinking simply doesn’t work. When even high-quality products arrive with consumers minus professional packaging and labels, the consumer’s perception of quality lowers significantly. At the same time, if you have a product line which you don’t invest in professional packaging or labeling for, you significantly limit the number of online and offline sales channels which you can use to move your product in the first place.

All of the above being the case, professionally printed labels are just as important as ever when it comes to successful product sales and marketing. The only question is, are your own labels really wowing your target audience? Or do you perhaps need to invest in something a little more professional and even more eye-catching?

Getting The Right Design Help for your Printed Labels

Without a doubt, the foremost benefit of using a professional label printing service lies with the professional design support which printers such as ourselves can provide.

For smaller businesses especially, hiring an in-house label designer can be inordinately expensive. However, not having a professional look and feel to your product labels can significantly impact your overall product sales. This being the case, label printers such as ourselves are proud to complement our printing services with dedicated label design support.

How our own Design Studio Works

When you order printed labels, you traditionally have two choices. Either you can supply your own label design, or you can ask us to render an appealing and eye-catching design for you. Even better, in the latter case, all you need to do is provide us with any text and images which you would like using on your labels and we will literally take care of everything else.

Why Having Professionally Designed Labels Matters

Contrary to popular belief, a professionally designed label isn’t just about employing a design concept which entices consumers to buy a product. Instead, even basic label designs can prove successful, providing that they look professionally rendered and produced. There is, after all, a noticeable difference between labels made at home using Microsoft Word and a few clipart artifacts, and labels which present the same information, just more professionally.

How to get Started

If you are in need of label design as well as printing services, you literally only have to send us your existing materials with as specific as possible a design brief. However, if you are unsure in regard to what exactly you need to send, simply reach out to us directly in order to discuss your label design in a little more detail.

In either case, never invest in printed labels for any of your products unless your overall label design is of high enough quality. Without a high-quality design, your products simply might not sell as well as they could. In this case, let us help you start realizing the ROI which you are looking for and contact us directly today for more information.

Printed Labels

Printed Labels

If you have a labelling project we would like to advise you on possible options for printed labels and want to help you to make an informed decision. We appreciate how essential it is to select the most suitable materials for the application and most economical production methods and we want to share our experience with you.