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5 Ways to Dress Up Your Food or Drink Labels with embellishments

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Dress (your labels) to impress...

Featuring custom labels on your Food, drink or wine products adds an elegant touch that reflects the quality of your business or product. Adding embellishments to printed product labels with metallic or clear foiling, making the label literally standout by embossing or debossing, or adding other ornate decorative processes not only enhances the overall look of your package design but also allows you to promote your brand in subtle but eye-catching ways. 

Here are five ways you can dress up your food or drink labels with embellishments…

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1) Silver foil

Suppose you are a food or drink manufacturer and your product is incredibly tasty. In that case, you will want to make sure that your product labels give the perception that your product is exceptional and with food, it needs to appear, mouth-wateringly tasty. 

Catching a shopper’s eye as they walk by with impressively designed labels is essential. In many cases, luxurious food and drink labels are adorned with metallic foiling. One of the most popular of these embellishments is silver foil, other options include gold, copper and bronze. 

All of these metallic accents will give your label an expensive look while also catching the attention of passersby. It may cost a little more than standard labels to produce foiled labels, but if you are trying to create an impression, then silver foiling is worth considering.

2) Gold foil

Gold is a luxurious metal that adds an elegant accent to food and drinks labels. For example, wine labels often use gold foil and embossing to convey class and luxury. Gold can also be used as an accent on other items, such as boxes and cartons. 

Kings and queens are often portrayed wearing gold in paintings, jewellery, crowns, and other regal garments, surely this method of adornment could be applied to your product labels or cartons? For centuries, Gold has played an influential part in civilisation. The Incas and ancient Egyptians would decorate objects to show their wealth. In modern times, gold accents are applied to many items to convey an air of luxury and importance. Simply put, Gold is a beautiful metal that brings elegance and sophistication into your life. With gold foiling and fluting (Fluting is foiling and embossing at the same time) you could add this to your labels too.

3) Colours

Gold and silver foils are often the most popular options. However, using coloured foils, which are applied with the same heat-press method as their metallic cousins is becoming very popular.

If you want a more subtle look, you can opt for a translucent foil. These can be very versatile and can be used to overlay text or other colours, which can add or alter shades. Other effects can be achieved by layering different colours of foil on top of one another. 

These special coloured films can be added in addition to metallic foils as an accent or perhaps over clear drink labels, perhaps in a contrasting colour to the liquid inside the bottle. 

So, if you are designing wine labels, make a change from the often adorned gold or silver and choose a solid or translucent colour shade to create a unique look that will distinguish your labels and products on the shelf from other products.

4) Clear Embossed Design

Embossing meaning: Carve, mould, or stamp a design on (a surface or object) so that it stands out in relief. 

Embossing is a very ornate way of marking the surface of material without using ink. Materials such as paper or cardboard can be pressed with a tool, they can be pressed from the rear to make text or an image stand out from the surface adding another dimension to your product and making the label look more luxurious. 

These techniques will literally stand out on many receptive surfaces, making them a nice touch for a label design or with something more practical such as Braille. Embossing is a good way of showing a level of sophistication on a carton or label and you don’t have to break the bank to get a label that looks great.

5) Intricate Designs

Working with a designer and a label manufacturer early on in the design process can really help in making a good label even better. Taking advantage of the Label manufacturer’s extensive experience to discuss and decide upon suitable materials, suitable embellishments and the process can help how the design project develops and how intricate the design can be.

Adding foil, embossing, and debossing to food and drink labels is an art form. Take Lotus Labels, for example, we have been making labels for over 40 years.  In that time we have created millions of high-quality labels. In recent years we have expanded our embellishment production line with state-of-the-art machinery, which enables us to produce fantastic products, however, the quality output is not solely down to the machinery. Our highly experienced team, create each label using an artisanal approach, each job is unique, and each foil and material has different characteristics, each tool has limitations and it’s this knowledge, only gained by experience which allows our quality output to be so high.  

By using different decorative processes on a digital print of your label, you can create an intricate design that will catch your consumer’s eye. 

Develop your intricate label or carton designs with Lotus Labels – we can help you achieve the labels you’ve been dreaming of. Contact us for ideas on how we can assist

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