Sustainability - Our pledge

The print industry is decisively moving towards a reduction of the drain on the Earth’s resources.  

What is being done specifically?
Paper-based raw materials can originate either from virgin pulp or a mixture of new and recycled content or entirely from recycled materials. These fibre-based materials are recyclable to an extent, depending on available recycling streams and technologies. Plant fibres can be re-used several times over their life-cycle which is good news for the environment. It will become the new norm that new paper materials will contain a recycled portion. The same applies for filmic packaging materials that derive from natural oil resources. The new plastic tax will encourage everyone’s use of materials that contain a minimum of 30% recycled plastic.

To fall in with Global Recycling Day 2023, we make this pledge.

Lotus Labels pledge that a minimum of 90% of all of our used substrate materials will be made from part recycled or sustainably sourced raw materials by 2025.

This sounds like an easy task, but it isn’t.  We will be working with our supplier partners to help us achieve this pledge and in turn provide a focused, recycled, recyclable and sustainable labelling and packaging option for all our customers who also care about the environment.

We want to become THE most environmentally focused printer we can be.