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4 Types of Label Application Methods

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Applying labels by hand can take time. It all depends on the methods that you use. There are various ways that you can apply branding labels, new pricing stickers, and more. Here are five methods of label application you should know about for your business.

Handheld Label Applicators

These are among the most popular options. They are relatively heavy and bulky because of the weight of the label roll, but they are extremely easy to use. You just press the trigger, the label is released and applied to the product by moving the applicator along. You can then move onto the next item.

These first type of handheld label applicators are ideal for applying labels to outer boxes or items where the label positioning doesn’t have to be 100% accurate.

Handheld Price Marking Guns

Pricing guns or handheld pricing applicators are more compact because they use smaller size labels. They are for putting small price labels on products and are mostly used in retail and storage environments. They can be specified for a range of label shapes and sizes with single or multiple lines for price and date marking printed onto the labels by the gun’s printing mechanism. You can manually change the characters or symbols that you want to print on the dials of the gun.

Automatic Label Applicators

For applying labels to round products or if you want to label large quantities of items you might consider to invest in a semi-automatic desktop applicator solution. These applicators are roll-fed and can be hooked up with desktop label printers. Some have mechanisms that can turn cylindrical products during label application or some have pneumatic applicator pads that press labels onto products with flat surfaces. These are stationary solutions for medium labelling quantities and provide consistent label positioning without having to worry about manually sticking on and re-sticking to get it right.

Fully automatic applicators are usually connected to conveyor belts and are often integrated into production lines.  They apply labels onto products with high precision and at great speeds. These are industrial applications and require a fair amount of specialist integration, however they are the standard in many packing environments.

Do It All By Hand

Okay, so this isn’t quite an applicator but a way to stick the labels on yourself. It’s also not the most efficient option out of the lot. This method uses your own hands to do all the work and it will take time. You have to unpeel the stickers and then place them exactly.

The handheld label applicators are just far quicker and more beneficial. You’ll get more done in a short space of time, which means more profit as more products can be placed on show.

It’s time to invest in handheld pricing applicators or a stationary label applicator. They will cut down effort and time significantly. Now you just have to choose your method.