Here at Lotus Labels, we provide label services to meet all your needs.

We can either provide you with your ready printed labels or we can supply you with your own in-house label production with a desktop label printer and related software.

Desktop Label Printers

All of the desktop label printers that feature on our website are tried and tested. As label printers we have extensive experience of the technologies involved, hence we have the knowledge for advising you on the most suitable printing solution for your company. A vital part in this is the selection of a suitable labels substrate which has to match the specific application for which we have the all-important production expertise.

Handheld or Mobile Printers

Store and warehouse environments often require real-time label printing where labels have to be applied instantly to products or outer packaging. This is where handheld printer/applicators (also known as label guns) or mobile printers come in. A special variant are Scan2print systems which are an advanced combination of scanning and mobile printing whereby the scanning of barcodes triggers the printing of labels with pre-programmed information on a Bluetooth-enabled mobile label printer.

All of this falls very much into the realm of our expertise. For free advice on all our label services, please call us now on 00440 1323 737888 or email us at [email protected]