Label Printing

Handheld Label Applicators

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Both online and real world retailers are aware of how important it is to employ high-quality printed labels when marketing and selling products. The only question is, how to you expedite the process of actually applying labels to your products as well as just printing or having them printed in the first place?

How handheld Label Applicators Work

Different to pricing guns which can be configured to price items individually as retailers go about their business, hand-held label applicators allow retailers to just as conveniently apply printed labels to products.

If you have a large volume of stock which you need to ship or display on a regular basis, applying printed labels by hand can be tortuously time-consuming. Thankfully, hand-held applicators help you expedite this process and can allow you to label hundreds of products in as little as under an hour. You simply load your labels and apply them to your products in much the same was as you would apply labels using a pricing gun.

Important Things to Consider when Choosing a Hand Held Applicator

The key thing to keep in mind when choosing a hand-held label applicator is that different applicators will often be restrictive in regard to the size of the labels which they can be used to apply. This being the case, when looking at handheld applicators, you should pay close attention to the label sizes any device can capably administer and match label sizes with your products accordingly.

Handheld Label Applicators vs Digitally Printed Labels

If you are a retailer or marketer, you already know how important it is to create high-quality product labels for your products. In this regard, it should be noted that handheld label applicators will rarely be able to provide the same kind of label application speed as a stationary, fully automated label applicator device can. However, handheld label applicators themselves make an excellent backup, are completely portable and should always be the preferred choice for warehouse and smaller retailers, due to their portability and cost efficiency.