While you might have formulated the world’s most incredible anti-aging serum, the sad truth of the matter, is that without the right printed labels, your product simply isn’t going to become a best seller. Printed labels matter. When it comes to wooing everyone from big name retailers to shoppers on places like Amazon, a printed label on your product serves as the No.1 way to immediately grab your customer’s or wholesaler’s attention. In short, if you haven’t sold your message, neither will your product.

Homemade Labels v’s Commercially Printed Labels

Of course, it goes without saying that well designed, home printed labels are fine in many sales contexts. However, the moment you decide to take your products to a global, national or even regional audience, you need to start investing more in both the printing and design of your product labels.

Make your Design Complement your Packaging

Have you already decided to invest in commercial label printing? If so, that’s fantastic. Now all you need to do is make sure that your overall design really speaks to your customer base. In this regard, it is always a great idea to choose a label size and design which complements your overall product packaging. In like regard, always choose a label design suited to your specific product line. Soft drinks, for example, require a completely different design to jars and boxed goods.

Seek Professional Design Help

When creating a label, you need to think long and hard about everything; from which fonts to use, to how to incorporate your company name and branding. After this, you then need to decide where to place the barcode on your label. In this regard, it can be both beneficial, and sometimes essential, to seek professional design help.

Bleeding & Label Finishing

Lastly, make sure that your printed labels have a professional matte or glossy finish and that you are part of the design decision regarding whether to bleed your label edges or not. No bleed effectively means that your label will have a white background, however, this isn’t always best for many products. In this case, if in doubt, ask to see an example of your label rendered both with and without bleeding.

Most importantly of all, never rush a label. Once your labels are off the press it will be too late to amend a spelling or grammatical error. In this case, if you are designing your label yourself, prior to having it printed professionally, always make sure to have it proofed and critiqued by a professional third party.

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