Are you in need of custom design labels but would prefer to get them made professionally or maybe don’t have the time to put aside to design them yourself?

Here at Lotus Labels, we offer the service of having our professional design studio create the label you are looking for.

From simple designs with the minimum information to more complex and colourful labels, we can meet your requirements.

How Does The Service Work?

To start with, you would need to tell us what you would like presented on your labels:

  • Technical and Data – If you have a spreadsheet document with the data that you want on the label, you can send it to us through email. We can print labels directly from that so that the information within the spreadsheet is directly imported onto the label.
  • Text – We are happy to develop your label from basic text that you send us.
  • Images/ Graphics – We are able to produce labels with the images or graphics that you wish to use.
    • We can work with jpeg images, tiff images, PDF and Photoshop/ illustrator formats.

Transferring the files:

  • Email: You can email over the files relating to your desired label design with files of up to 0.5 GB.
  • File Transfer: If you have files that are over 0.5 GB, you can send them to us via a file transfer service such as Dropbox.
  • USB/ Memory Device: You also have the option to send us a digital memory device such as a USB, from which we can access the files.

Whichever way you choose to send us your files and information please keep in mind, that the more information we have and the more details and materials you can provide us about how you would like your labels to look, will help us reach the full satisfaction you are looking for in your custom design labels.

If you would like further information about how we can help produce your perfect custom design labels, contact us today on: 01323 737888 or email us at: [email protected].