The humble pricing gun has been a retail environment staple for generations. Moreover, pricing gun designs themselves have barely changed over the course of the past three decades. However, with the rise of digital label printing and in-store/home office printed labels, some are starting to argue that the pricing gun as we know it is becoming irrelevant in modern retail environments. That point of view, however, is extremely flawed, if not altogether untrue.

Price Marking Gun Benefits

If you operate any kind of retail business, you will inevitably need to amend product pricing occasionally in line with new promotions, last minute flash sales, and your need to reduce items to clear. In this case, price marking guns are invaluable to retailers as even staff with minimal training can use such devices and can apply up to 60 labels per minute.

Of course, premises equipped with on-site automatic label printers/applicators will always be argued to be able to print and administer much higher quality and larger size labels in much the same time frame. However, in the particular case where items are reduced to clear, the costs of using higher quality labels for such items will often not be economical.

Easy of use and Versatility

Because price marking guns allow retailers to price products on the shelf, guns themselves are highly versatile. At the same time, tagging guns can be used to tag items with hang-tags rather than adhesive labels.

That said, it is important to note that price marking guns still have an important place in modern retail operations. The key is to always choose a model of price marking gun which can administer the type of price marking labels that suit your existing brand identity. In this way, your price marking labels and standard printed labels will be able to complement each other and help you drive sales accordingly.