Epson ColorWorks C7500 Colour Label Printer

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Epson ColorWorks C7500 High-Quality Label Printer

The robust printer with metal housing prints 112mm wide labels, making it ideal for labelling palettes, hazardous materials containers (CLP/GHS) and for creating coloured official seal labels (environmental, energy saving class). Equipped with four separate 300 ml ink cartridges, the C7500 operates economically: you only exchange empty cartridges. An intelligent print head fully automatically checks nozzles for errors, always ensuring consistent prints. Thanks to the new PrecisionCore chip technology, there is no need to change the print head within the first 500 km. The printer grants users flexibility, reduces printing costs and pays itself off within a short amount of time.


Industrial Colour Label Printer

High-quality industrial printer to produce high-quality colour labels in-house and on-demand in high volumes
Aimed at customers for whom durable prints are key and who primarily want to print onto matte media, the C7500 is the ultimate in short-run colour label printing. Manufacturers can now reliably and cost-effectively meet their in-house labelling needs with outstanding speed and quality. The C7500 can also help eliminate the costs associated with pre-printing by producing short-run, customised labels on demand.

Reliable and consistent results

The C7500 can help manufacturers produce consistent, high-quality labels in-house and on demand. The printer features the new PrecisionCore printhead to ensure reliable, high-quality results. Our unique Nozzle Verification Technology (NVT) and dot substitution help prevent misprints and dead pixels for consistent printouts.


  • Excellent reliability & endurance PrecisionCore printhead for consistent results and long printer lifetime
  • Save time & money Streamline label production by printing your colour labels on-demand
  • High speed & high print quality Print speeds of up to 300mm/sec at an image resolution of 600x1200dpi
  • Low maintenance, reduced downtime Permanent printhead and NVT for self-maintenance
  • Easy integration New ESC/Label programming language for integration with virtually any OS

Fast speeds

Produce a range of high-quality labels, including those for food and beverage products, packaging and boxes, as well as EU Energy Labels and GHS Labels. With print speeds of up to 300mm/sec, you can now print labels in full colour, at the same speed as some incumbent thermal monochrome printers.


Printing labels on-demand helps eliminate costs associated with pre-printing, such as label waste and large label inventory. High-capacity, individual ink cartridges mean only the colour used will need to be replaced, offering very low cost per print. The permanent printhead offers significant cost savings, and a guaranteed peace of mind as none of its major components will need replacing for at least 500km worth of printing1.



Precision core Technology

PrecisionCore, Epson’s most advanced printhead architecture builds on our market-leading Micro TFP technology and powers the industry-leading output quality and durability that Epson is renowned for, at the high speeds required for commercial and industrial printing. The ColorWorks C7500/C7500G’s excellent image quality means you can depend on consistent, accurate results, especially on small text, linework and barcodes.

Self Maintenance

Whenever the printer needs to carry out internal maintenance, there’s no need to cut the paper or interrupt label production. The printhead has two positions – ‘print’ and ‘home’ – and it simply moves to the required position while maintenance takes place.

Nozzle Verification Technology (NVT)

Our printers are designed to deliver ongoing print perfection with minimum user intervention. NVT works constantly behind the scenes to detect and bring blocked nozzles back to maximum operating performance.

Saving you money

This label printer is ideal for cutting printing costs with its low cost-per-label, thanks to Epson’s cutting-edge technology. The individual ink cartridges mean that no ink will be wasted, as you only need to replace the colour used.



Additional information

C7500 Media Type

C7500 for matte media, C7500G for glossy media

Epson ColorWorks C7500Epson ColorWorks C7500

Epson ColorWorks C7500 SeriesEpson ColorWorks C7500 Series