Scented Coatings

Food, cosmetics, drink and perfume manufacturers, among others, often consider how to present the scent of their products on the outside packaging material or marketing material as a ‘Touch and Smell’ feature.

The combination of printed pictures and scents is aimed to stimulate the consumer’s senses and prompt a buying decision.

We will help you to develop a scented solution, either with a scent available from a range of popular aromas or as a bespoke formulation, matched to your product. Our technical team will advise on suitable substrates and suitable material combinations.

Applying the scent:
A fine layer of scent is applied during the finishing process, using a process of micro-encapsulation within the protective surface varnish. Touching or scratching the cured surface releases the aroma.

Scented label uses:

• Product packaging
• “Well Done” stickers
• Magazine advertising
• Point of sale
• Postal mailing campaigns
• In-store giveaways
• Fragrance demos

… and many more

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** The use of a scent provided by yourself in our production process may require testing and prototyping. Other conditions may apply.

Lemon Scent labels
“Touch and Smell” Labels

Scented Strawberry Labels

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