Tamper Evident Labels

Tamper Evident Labels

One of the UK’s Leading Suppliers of Tamper Evident Labels!

We manufacture to order a wide range of Tamper-Proof, Tamper- Evident and ‘Void’ labels. Plain or printed options available. These Labels are specially designed to be non transferable. This means they can not be removed or are exceedingly difficult to remove.

Ultra Destructible Labels: These are impossible to remove in one piece. Once applied any attempt at remove makes the label fragment into small pieces

Void Labels: These can be used to protect assets against fraudulent use or warranty claims. It can also be used as a seal to indicate opening. This label is constructed of two layers. If an attempt is made to remove the label the top layer will peel away leaving the word ‘VOID’ behind in a highly aggressive acrylic adhesive which is extremely difficult to remove off most surfaces and impossible off of others


Protecting Company assets from theft

Marking and tracing equipment

To show evidence of tampering

Genuine Product Proof Labels for Brand Protection

Warranty labels


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**labels shown are for visual representation only**