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Are you looking for new or to upgrade your existing label printers and labelling equipment? We understand that whatever the reason may be these decisions may come with high costs, and for many businesses having the upfront capital to purchase such items isn’t possible.

Here at Lotus Labels, we want to help you to invest in your business by giving you the option of purchasing new on-demand printing equipment and not being constrained by budget or cash flow.

With Lotus Labels Leasing you have the flexibility to borrow the amount you need, to make those important investments in your business. You select how much you need to borrow, how often you wish to pay this back, and over what period. We’ll then break down what this looks like – to ensure you have a payment plan that works best for you.

Why should I lease?

1. Improves cash flow
2. You can overcome budgetary constraints
3. Protect your existing lines of credit
4. Eliminate any uncertainty
5. Avoid wasted expenditure
6. Business tax Benefits**
7. Keep up to date with the latest technology

Eco Label printing
MX240P Label Printer

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* Finance is currently available to limited companies only.
** Seek accountancy advice for any tax benefits.
*** Figures quoted were correct at the time of writing.


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