Brand protection labels

“A term used to describe a label that has been designed to limit the ability to tamper with or to permit counterfeit reproduction of a product”

Brand protection labels offer additional features to those of a standard label. A brand protection label aims to protect the identity of the product it is applied to and ultimately the reputation of its manufacturer.

Figures from the UK government show that the annual loss to the economy through counterfeiting and piracy is £9 billion, plus 80,500 job losses each year. EUIPO research estimates that counterfeits such as bags, clothing and electrical goods cost the EU €60 billion p.a.

A brand protection label will feature security elements such as non-reproducible security inks, intricate “Iris” background patterns, holographic text and patterns, optical lenses, sequential numbering, digital barcodes and more.

Within our group of companies, we specialise in security, protection and identification labels, from short-run to long-run.

Security Labels

Toughened Asset Labels
Void / Warranty Labels
Anti-tamper protective layers
Labels with Security Holograms
Sequentially numbered labels
Authenticity / Branding proof
Digital barcode authentication

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