Desktop Label Printer Installation

Many people don’t like setting up new computer software, however, desktop label printer installation doesn’t have to be as complicated as you might think. Once the installation is complete, you’ll have an affordable means of creating new labels and updating old designs, and the flexibility to produce them whenever you need to. Follow these steps for an easy way to get started.

Find a reputable retailer

First, find a reputable retailer when you are considering which desktop label printer to purchase. A good retailer can help save you time by narrowing down the models that will be most suited for your purposes. They can also determine if it will be compatible with the existing equipment you have. A good choice would be a retailer who has in-house label production and can advise on tried and tested materials that are compatible with your applications.

Get access to user manuals/tutorial videos

Next, if you want to get a better idea of how to install and use your desktop label printer, look on the manufacturer’s website for a user manual. This will enable you to see the simple steps you’ll have to take to install your new equipment before you make a purchase. You’ll also be able to see how straightforward the installation process is for yourself.

If you prefer not to follow a manual, then search online for tutorial videos that will teach you the basic steps you need to take. For instance, brands such as Zebra have a number of videos available, which will help to explain the core elements of installing the new software.

Download the set up utilities

For a simple way to get started, see if you can download the set-up utilities for your new desktop label printer online. This will allow you to configure and set up your printer easily as you’ll have access to a step by step wizard.

Troubling Shooting

Should you run into any problems with your desktop label printer installation, you can of course contact Lotus Labels who provide a professional and cost effective installation service and after-sales care.

What to look for in a good label printing service

The labels on your product are the first thing that any consumer is going to notice. An expertly created label will help your products to stand out from the crowd and it has the potential to get you noticed among other brands. This is why it’s essential to find a reliable printer who can enable you to get results that you need. Here are some tips on how to find a good label printing service.

Look for a long history

One of the first things to identify is whether the company has a long history in the industry. Companies who have been working in the sector for some time will have experience working with a huge range of different brands and products, and this will give them the expertise they need to deliver high-quality results for your business’s particular needs.

Find a company that will give you guidance

You might have a vague idea of what you want to achieve with your labelling, however, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which approach to take.  Choose a company that has the expertise to be able to offer your business constructive advice so you can get the best possible results. Experts in this area will be able to advise you of any flaws in your design and come up with solutions to work around them so you can still get a label design you are happy with.

Look for good customer care

One of the first signs of any good business is great customer care. Look for a company that prides itself on the high standards of service it offers to its customers and a business that takes a helpful, friendly and constructive approach.

In Need Of Custom Design Labels?

Are you in need of custom design labels but would prefer to get them made professionally or maybe don’t have the time to put aside to design them yourself?

Here at Lotus Labels, we offer you the service of having our professional design studio create the label you are looking for.

From simple designs with the minimum information to more complex and colourful labels, we can meet your requirements.

How Does The Service Work?

You would need to send us the files of information you want presented on your labels:

  • Technical and Data – If you have a spreadsheet document with the data that you want on the label, you can send it to us through email. We can print labels directly from that so that the information within the spreadsheet is directly imported onto the label.
  • Text – We are happy to develop your label from basic text that you send us.
  • Images/ Graphics – We are able to produce labels with the images or graphics that you wish to use.
    • We can work with jpeg images, tiff images, PDF and Photoshop/ illustrator formats.

Transferring the files:

  • Email: You can email over the files relating to your desired label design with files of up to 0.5 GB.
  • File Transfer: If you have files that are over 0.5 GB, you can send them to us via a file transfer service such as Dropbox.
  • USB/ Memory Device: You also have the option to send us a digital memory device such as a USB, from which we can access the files.

Whichever way you choose to send us your files and information please keep in mind, that the more information we have and the more details and materials you can provide us about how you would like your labels to look, will help us reach the full satisfaction you are looking for in your custom design labels.

If you would like further information about how we can help produce your perfect custom design labels, contact us today on: 0044(0)1323 737888 or email us at:

Why you Should Consider Commercial Label Printing

These days it’s easy to print your own labels. Whether you need pricing labels for new product lines or labels pertaining to certain devices operating instructions, design software and label printing devices can be cost effectively utilized by almost anyone. However, if you are attempting to tell a specific branding story or really want to add an extra professional sheen to your labels, it’s definitely worth approaching a commercial label printer for assistance.

All About Image

A high-quality printed label denotes high-quality merchandise. From soft drinks and grocery items to custom labels for books and other kinds of nonperishable goods, a commercially printed label tells your customers that your product is both legitimate and trustworthy.

Of course, when we talk about a product’s image, we’re also talking about a product’s branding. In this regard, the key benefit of commercially printed labels is that they add a veneer of respectability and professionalism to any kind of product branding.

Better Versatility

The second benefit of commercially printed labels lies with their versatility. After all, while home and office label printers can help you print some seriously eye-catching label designs, a commercial label printer will be able to provide you with labels for almost any kind of product.

Whether you sell soft drinks, clothing or electrical goods, only a commercial label printer will be able to help your goods really look the part when placed side by side with those of your competitors.

Should you be Thinking About Commercially Printed Labels?

As a rule, if you have any kind of product line which you are trying to market outside of your own store or retail outlet, you need to start thinking about more professional commercially printed labels. In like regard, if you are serious about marketing your brand better, you need to liaise with a labeling company directly to see how they might be able to help your branding really sing to your target audience.

The main limitations with in-house printing are in the choice of substrates and the production options. On a desktop system, one could simply not cost effectively produce labels with very fine and accurate print details, demanding colour matching or surface finishes such as metalics or varnishes/laminates in gloss or matt. This is the reason why industrial label production lines are many hundred times the price of desktop systems.
The best part? Commercial label printing doesn’t have to be expensive, especially when ordering labels for a large volume of products, and especially when taking into consideration just how much better your labels might help your products sell in the first place.

For more information contact Lotus Labels today.

First time Installation of a Desktop Label Printer

If there is one thing which almost everyone hates having to undertake, it’s installing and setting up any new kind of computer equipment or software. After all, literally nothing ever seems to work like it’s supposed to on a first-time install.

Thankfully, Epson desktop label printers are a little different. – Actually, they’re a lot different. This is because as well as being PC and Mac connectable by both USB and Ethernet cable, Epson label printers come with easy to operate ‘Install Navi’ software.

Install all your Printer Drivers in Just a Couple of Clicks

Install Navi is an installation wizard which Epson label printers use to install all the drivers needed to operate their products. This being the case, all new printer owners need to worry about is their choosing the right paper media size and settings prior to printing their first test labels. In fact, the compact models of Epson color label printers even come bundled for free with ‘NiceLabel’ basic label creation software.

Installing Barcode Label Printers

Depending on your specific business requirements, you might, of course, be about to purchase a mono-colour barcode label printer. In this regard, your first choice will  likely be a TSC or Zebra model. The good news, however, is that any high-quality, industry leading label printer will be equipped with just as easy first-time installation media. In the case, for example, of TSC’s range of label printers, all are similarly shipped with Bartender ‘ULTRALITE’ label creation software. Zebra printers come with ‘ZEBRA DESIGNER 2’ software.

Of course, label creation software suites included with label printers will always remain entry-level solutions. However, it can be just as easy to upgrade to more fully featured software later and this will give you database connectivity and advance design features. All you need to do is decide what kind of suite might be best for your specific business needs.

That being said, if you require professional assistance Lotus Labels offer a desktop printer installation service for all printers purchase from them. Call us now for more information


What is the Secret to Great Product Label Printing?

While you might have formulated the world’s most incredible anti-aging serum, the sad truth of the matter, is that without the right printed labels, your product simply isn’t going to become a best seller. Printed labels matter. When it comes to wooing everyone from big name retailers to shoppers on places like Amazon, a printed label on your product serves as the No.1 way to immediately grab your customer’s or wholesaler’s attention. In short, if you haven’t sold your message, neither will your product.

Homemade Labels v’s Commercially Printed Labels

Of course, it goes without saying that well designed, home printed labels are fine in many sales contexts. However, the moment you decide to take your products to a global, national or even regional audience, you need to start investing more in both the printing and design of your product labels.

Make your Design Complement your Packaging

Have you already decided to invest in commercial label printing? If so, that’s fantastic. Now all you need to do is make sure that your overall design really speaks to your customer base. In this regard, it is always a great idea to choose a label size and design which complements your overall product packaging. In like regard, always choose a label design suited to your specific product line. Soft drinks, for example, require a completely different design to jars and boxed goods.

Seek Professional Design Help

When creating a label, you need to think long and hard about everything; from which fonts to use, to how to incorporate your company name and branding. After this, you then need to decide where to place the barcode on your label. In this regard, it can be both beneficial, and sometimes essential, to seek professional design help.

Bleeding & Label Finishing

Lastly, make sure that your printed labels have a professional matte or glossy finish and that you are part of the design decision regarding whether to bleed your label edges or not. No bleed effectively means that your label will have a white background, however, this isn’t always best for many products. In this case, if in doubt, ask to see an example of your label rendered both with and without bleeding.

Most importantly of all, never rush a label. Once your labels are off the press it will be too late to amend a spelling or grammatical error. In this case, if you are designing your label yourself, prior to having it printed professionally, always make sure to have it proofed and critiqued by a professional third party.

For expert help on custom label design and label printing contact Lotus Labels today.

In-house Printing and Label Services

Here at Lotus Labels, we provide label services to meet all your needs.

We can either provide you with your ready printed labels or we can supply you with your own in-house label production with a desktop label printer and related software.

Desktop Label Printers

All of the desktop label printers that feature on our website are tried and tested. As label printers we have extensive experience of the technologies involved, hence we have the knowledge for advising you on the most suitable printing solution for your company. A vital part in this is the selection of a suitable labels substrate which has to match the specific application for which we have the all-important production expertise.

Handheld or Mobile Printers

Store and warehouse environments often require real-time label printing where labels have to be applied instantly to products or outer packaging. This is where handheld printer/applicators (also known as label guns) or mobile printers come in. A special variant are Scan2print systems which are an advanced combination of scanning and mobile printing whereby the scanning of barcodes triggers the printing of labels with pre-programmed information on a Bluetooth-enabled mobile label printer.

All of this falls very much into the realm of our expertise. For free advice on all our label services, please call us now on 00440 1323 737888 or email us at