BarTender Professional Edition

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BarTender Professional Edition

Limited Users to Limited Printers- Password Protected (Will only work on LAN, local area network)- 1 User Licence

All of the label design and most of the data access of the Enterprise Edition. Network compatible, but not optimized for control by other software.
Delivers –  All of BarTender’s most powerful label design features. Most of the advanced data access capabilities, including OLE DB and ODBC. Fully network compatible.
Omits –  Not designed for control from within other software. Does not offer ActiveX Automation, Commander or command line integration. No SAP IDoc or XML support. No job logging or e-mailed error alerts. Cannot export printer code templates.
User-based Licensing – Licensing based on the number of workstations running BarTender, regardless of whether or not they are on a common network.

**Important Notes: The Print Only edition of BarTender cannot be used to design label formats: only to print existing ones.

When a Print Only edition is in use then the label must have been created and saved with a like edition or higher of BarTender.

Bartender is not compatible on MAC operating systems. BarTender will no longer run on Windows 95 or Windows NT operating systems, as the recent version of the software does not support this. Please inform us if you are using the above operating systems so we can request the correct version from our suppliers.**

Various User Licences are available upon request (eg 3 user or 5 user)