Solo Studio Stand Alone Labelling System

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What Is Solo?

SOLO is a unique stand alonethermal transferlabelling system allowing you to print labels without the need for a PC or any programming.The solution comprises a durable thermal transferprinter, an intelligent keyboard with 1MB of onboard memory, and SOLO Studio – a feature-packed PC application allowing you to design your labels then transfer them to the keyboard at the click of a button!

Simple SOLO Studio lets you to design your labels using a simple, intuitive interface. Your designs can then be transferred to the SOLO keyboard instantly without the need for any programming or lengthy manual configuration.Use the Keyboard Manager to organise your label templates and even manage multiple keyboards.

Powerful SOLO Studio offers many of the advanced features found in leading PC based labelling packages including a wide range of variable data types and database integration.

Add barcodes, lines, boxes, TrueType fonts and symbols to your designs.Import JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PCX and PSD image files directly. SOLO Studio converts these into single-bit images and scales them to the printer’s resolution automatically.

Add a range of variable data elements to your templates including barcodes, option lists, date/time stamps, incrementing/decrementing serial numbers and direct keyboard input.

SOLO’s macro script facility lets you add advanced dynamic features to your labels such as EAN128 barcodes, SSCC labels, custom check digits, calculations and conditional statements.

Apply unique label and printer settings to each template, such as speed, density and removal method. Even choose between thermal transfer or direct thermalprinting modes.

Quick Because SOLO Studio has been designed specifically for the SOLO product range, it delivers unrivalled speed for on-demand labelling.

Cost Effective

SOLO’s standalone nature offers a highly cost effective alternative to PC labelling packages or outsourcing. Printinglabels from the SOLO keyboard is so simple, staff can be trained in a matter of minutes.

Available in both a compact Desktop version and the faster, robust Industrial version, SOLO is the ideal solution for retailshelf-edge labelling, shipping and warehousing, pharmaceuticals and any other business requiring labels on-site and on-demand.

Available for TSC, Toshiba TEC, Zebra, Sato and Datamax.