Label Printing

Desktop Label Printers

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If your business has a constant need to create new labels, then investing in a desktop label printer could be a viable solution for your business. A desktop label printer will give you the flexibility to produce labels whenever you need to, change labelling as necessary and provide a convenient means for producing eye-catching labels that are essential to get your product noticed.

Colour Laser Printers

There are two main types of desktop label printers. The first is a colour label printer. These printers can help you to produce smaller runs of labels in different versions very quickly in-house, while still providing high quality results needed to help get your products noticed.

Models like the Epson Colorworks 3500 have been designed to be time efficient and convenient to use, and they are suitable for a wide range of services including packaging labels, tickets and ID cards. They produce durable labels, and they can be customised to suit your company’s individual needs.

Another model to consider is the Epson Colorworks 7500. This desktop printer has been designed to be low maintenance, fast and reliable, while also delivering quality results for your on-demand label printing.

Thermal Barcode Printers

There are numerous models available and they offer an affordable means of producing high quality, professional looking labels with consecutive numbering or barcoding or mono-colour text and logos. They can be used in a wide range of industries including healthcare, retail and manufacturing, and they’ll offer consistent results when it comes to producing on-demand in-house labelling. These printers either require plain die-cut labels or pre-printed die-cut labels with blank spaces for over-printing.

Thermal barcode printers are often used in production, distribution or retail environments where instant product marking is required. Often these printers are directly integrated into packing lines . They either come as budget versions or as heavy-duty industrial devices with larger roll capacity advanced features. In addition, the very compact sizes of the smaller printers mean they are an excellent solution if space is at a premium.